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Nursing Pillow

  1. Nursing Pillow (Single)

    Nursing Pillow (Single)

    The Coochy Coo Baby Nursing Pillow is a uniquely designed pillow that turns nursing into an even more bonding affair. Especially new moms benefit from this pillow as it provides great support when positioning the baby for a feed. It helps the breastfeeding mother to raise her baby up to brea...

    AED 299.00
  2. Nursing Pillow (Twin)

    Nursing Pillow (Twin)

    The Coochy Coo Twin Nursing Pillow is a capacious pillow designed to turn feeding, especially multiples, into a comfortable and safe affair. New moms often have difficulties finding a comfortable position when feeding her little one. The task becomes even trickier when there is more tha...

    AED 345.00

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